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Top 5 Family Activities to do in Toronto During Stage 2!

Toronto has finally hit Stage 2 of reopening and summer vacation is officially upon us! Not sure of what activities to do with the kids during this unprecedented time? Here are our top 5 ideas!

  • Middle Eastern Restaurants: Toronto is one of the world’s most diverse cities and there is a plethora of options to explore for Middle Eastern cuisine. Despite Covid19, there are still restaurants opening.For example, Kensington Market is getting a restaurant all about hummus called Abu Hummus at 119 Baldwin Street.The restaurant is set to have opened this week and their decor along with their menu is a dedication to hummus as a main meal.Take-out and delivery is always an option for restaurants and is a great way to explore different pallets.A few of Toronto's countless beloved Middle Eastern restaurants include Shish Kabab Express, Maha's Restaurant and Parallel Brothers which has patio dining. If you have not already be sure to also check out East Tea Can, Flaming Stove , Osmows, Sahara and Masrawy Kitchen.

Drive in Theatres: While you can’t go watch a movie indoors just yet, you can enjoy a film with your family at one of the city’s many local drive in theatres. Fortunately, the province has allowed them all to resume operations! It’s a great outing to look forward to, social distancing is easy as you just stay in your car and it is a great way for cinephiles to satisfy their craving for content. Most of the locations also have food and drink deliveries to your car adding to the convenience and the safety of the whole experience. They are also located in different parts in the outskirts in the GTA so it’s a great opportunity to explore a new area on your way there! Not sure where your nearest drive in theatre is? Take a look at this list.

Explore Nature Parks! Toronto is filled with a diverse range of nature parks and hiking trails that provide fun for the whole family! It is a great way to spend time together and get some exercise. There is no doubt that we are in stressful times and getting some much-needed green therapy is also good for mental health and stimulating positive emotions! High Park is my personal favorite but some of the other locations include Rouge National Park, Tommy Thompson Park and Lower Don Parklands.

Do online family workouts! Even before COVID19, with the influx of influencers, there was plenty of content to work out to. During these unprecedented times, you can also access content from gyms such as Movati for free. There is a class for everyone whether you are looking for some intense cardio or gentle yoga poses. The schedules are posted online and classes are done through social media. Not only is it another fun activity to do with the family, but a workout will do wonders for both your physical and mental health allowing you to feel rejuvenated. It will also help you to still feel connected to a community of gym goers and to help keep you in a routine!

Visit the Toronto Zoo! Although it has now reopened, you can still book a scenic safari of the Toronto Zoo! This exciting tour gives you staff access to drive through the zoo from the comfort of your own car so you can socially distance while seeing animals at every turn and corner! The experience comes with a guided audio tour during your scenic safari through a Wild for Life podcast. Purchase your tickets online by clicking here and immerse yourself in a 90-minute experience which will feel as though you are actually having a real safari in Africa! An exciting, exotic and educational experience for the whole family.

Which of these activities are you going to try and what else have you done? Let us know in the comments section below!

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