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Top 5 ways to celebrate Eid Al-Adha during covid

Eid Al Adha is usually a time for getting together with family and friends along with enjoying celebrations. With Covid-19 still among us, this year’s celebrations might look a little different, but that doesn’t mean they need to be halted.

Here are our top 5 activities which you can still do for Eid this year which shall take place on Friday, July 31st!

Attend Virtual Eid Prayers

With places of worship still being closed, prayers will be done virtually from home. While it feels different and reduces the opportunity for social interaction, it can provide an opportunity to look inward, allowing for deeper reflection and spirituality. With so many options virtually, you may wish to look into the wide range of mosques offering prayers and explore different speakers during this time just through the click of a button. It also allows for more time with family as you avoid the commute to and from the mosque.

Host a Barbecue!

Since Toronto is still in stage 2, this would have to be an intimate group of 10 people in your tight knit social bubble. That being said, it is a great way to have something in person to look forward to and you can spend more one on one time with your guests. It’s also a great way to enjoy our short-lived summers and enjoy gathering with others outside, where it’s safer due to Covid19.

There are plenty of Canadian halal food brands to choose from for barbecues including Zabiha Halal’s Smokies Fully Cooked Chicken Sausages, Spicy Supreme Chicken Frankfurters, Chicken Burgers and Beef Burgers. Other brands include Mina Halal, One World Halal and Al Safa Foods.

Decorate Your House!

Decorating is a great way to put yourself in the festive mood and it is a fun activity which the whole family can take part in!Party City has a wide range of Eid themed decorations from plates, banners, lanterns, table coverings and balloons. You can make it into a fun shopping trip to add to the feeling of excitement and celebration.

You can also decorate the outside of your home with festive lights. If your neighbours from other faiths ask about the decoration, it’s a great way to educate them about Eid!

Donate Online

The whole meaning of Eid is about charity and giving back to your community. Don’t forget to donate to your favourite charity online. If you are not sure where to donate, our friends at Muslim Link have compiled a list of charities where you can donate to here.

It’s a great activity to do as a family to remind your children of the spirit behind Eid and promote generosity within them.

Middle Eastern Restaurants

Stay tuned for our next series of posts on patio dining in Toronto during stage 2 and book a brunch at one of the city’s fine Middle Eastern restaurants to celebrate Eid!

What else are you doing to make sure Eid still feels special this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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