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We have no doubt in our minds that food connects people. Food is an expression of cultural identity.

At Taste of the Middle East Festival, we obviously love culture. And with multiple food vendors  to choose from, we figured you’d work up an appetite. We know that you deserve the best, so each year we curate the most variety of vendors and the best in Toronto!

From shawarma, to manaeesh, to kusharee, to falafels, to baklawa, to kunafe, and even gluten-free & vegetarian options, there is something to satisfy everyone’s appetite at Taste of the Middle East. We even include super fun fusion cuisine like taco shawarmas & fawafles. The 2020 edition of the festival will also include an international food zone with lots of festival favorites.



Learn what a Jalab is or how Turkish Coffee is made. Try a sip of Arak or take a bite of a Manooshe. Expand your palate and taste the 1001 Flavours that Middle Eastern culture has to offer while giving back to the largest food rescue charity in Canada, Second Harvest, our charity partner for the 3rd year in a row 20 500 Meals have been delivered to the less fortunate because of our donations to Second Harvest 

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